Our Physiotherapy Services

Assessment & Treatments

Our approach starts with a detailed assessment. We ask you relevant questions and listen carefully and actively to get a better understanding of the cause(s) of your injury. Based on your subjective responses we then use a combination of manual techniques and orthopedic tests to determine a diagnosis. From there we develop a tailored treatment plan specific to your needs.

We may use a combination of manual therapy to manipulate and mobilize your joints and soft tissues, as well as state of the art equipment for pain relief and therapeutic exercise. In some cases we employ modalities such as Shock Wave Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Electro Therapy, Therapeutic Taping, Soft Tissue Release and Thermotherapy/Cryotherapy.


Mississauga’s Only Video-Movement Analysis Clinic

A very distinct service called video motion analysis lets us use advanced technology to take a closer look at how you move and what can be changed in your natural run, walk, or jump, to aid in the prevention of future injuries.

Our studio space allows our clinicians to watch you move. The gym is equipped with pieces to benefit all levels of athletes from recreational to competitive. Prescribed exercise therapy can help you heal naturally through specially tailored exercise programs that work to restore your body’s natural movement. Upon completion of your treatment plan you may want to continue your personal fitness journey to an improved standard of health through personal training sessions with our registered kinesiologist one on one, or try our small group fitness classes.